“I have found LitStrat Inc. to be thoughtful, insightful, responsive, and most certainly effective. Their services provided true value added to any project they have been involved with. They have a great depth of understanding on all trial related matters.”
Stephen N. Zack, Administrative Partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, Miami Office

“Dr. Genevie stands head and shoulders above most other jury experts. His uncanny ability to spot personality traits that can predict how potential jurors might analyze evidence approaches clairvoyance. In one high-profile trial, most of the defense lawyers were prepared to strike an outspoken, opinionated health-care worker when Lou insisted that she remain on the panel. She ultimately became the foreperson and led the jury to return a defense verdict … after about a 30-minute deliberation. Not one of the lawyers saw it coming.”
Michael York, Partner at Wehner & York, P.C., Reston, VA Office

“There are jury consultants and then there are those who pose the tough questions to the trial lawyers and make us think strategically. If you want critical strategic thinking in addition to jury selection advice, LitStrat has the team. My experience with Dan Cooper over many years on several large pharmaceutical cases has been invaluable.”
Pamela Yates, Partner at Kaye Scholer LLP, Los Angeles Office

“While many jury consultants can organize and execute effective mock trial exercises, what distinguishes LitStrat is its ability to translate that work into strategic advice that can be readily employed at trial. Lou Genevie and Dan Cooper bring a level of experience and thoughtfulness to the process that is simply difficult to replicate with other consultants.”
Quentin F. Urquhart Jr., Member at Irwin, Fritchie, Urquhart, & Moore, LLC, New Orleans Office

“I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Lou Genevie and his team for more than 20 years on important trials. Each time, his contribution to the overall trial effort was masterful. His insights are unique and stunningly successful. Rather than exaggerating Dr. Genevie’s skills, my comments fall short of capturing the full value he adds to every trial or litigation project on which he works.”
Jack Edward Urquhart, Partner at Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, LLP, Houston Office

“I have worked with many different jury consultants. Lou and his team are by far the most substantive, smartest, least clichéd and most analytical of them all. Stated simply: There is no one better.”
Jonathan Sherman, Partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, Washington, D.C. Office

“I have used Lou and Dan at LitStrat for jury research in a number of cases over the past 10+ years, involving a variety of technologies and jurisdictions. While it is not hard to find jury consultants who can handle logistics and report data, there are few who add real value in figuring out what actually motivates or concerns jurors, particularly those who might be against you. Lou and Dan add that value.”
Frank E. Scherkenbach, Principal at Fish & Richardson, Boston and Silicon Valley Offices

“Lou Genevie and his partners at Litigation Strategies have been my jury consultants for the last 15 years. They’ve been an integral part of the success we’ve had in defending scores of complex products liability cases, providing jury selection expertise as well as jury exercise and analysis. Their input has been accurate and invaluable.”
Kenneth J. Reilly, Partner at Shook, Hardy, & Bacon LLP, Miami Office

“Whether to judge or jury, we often face the challenge of finding ways to teach and persuade the trier of fact about highly technical issues of law and fact. I have found over the years that Dan Cooper brings a tenacious curiosity to the search for the best strategies to meet these challenges. LitStrat research plumbs the depth of a litigation’s strengths and weakness and they are committed to working with the trial team not to simply identity issues, but to help find solutions. Dan has also provided valuable training to many of our younger litigators who have benefited from the trial practice seminars he has conducted at the firm.”
Scott K. Reed, Chairman of Litigation Practice Group and Partner at Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto, New York Office

“Working with LitStrat adds so much to the development of the themes for trial. They are able to provide insight into how jurors might process certain information. Lawyers sometimes just don’t think the same way jurors think nor do they process information in the same way. I really enjoyed working with LitStrat and I learned things from them that I continue to use in trying cases and planning themes and storylines for cases.”
Lyn P. Pruitt, Member at Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, P.L.L.C., Little Rock Office

“I have worked with Dr. Genevie and his team on several matters and they have always been extremely well prepared, well organized and effective in putting together the needed research. I have found their insights in interpreting the results of the research to be particularly valuable, as well as their creativity in helping us respond to the research findings to strengthen our trial presentations.”
Howard Pollack, Managing Principal at Fish & Richardson P.C., Silicon Valley Office

“In the 10 years that I have worked with Dan Cooper, he and the LitStrat team have added value to the multiple cases on which we have worked together. Whether involved in preparing witnesses on complicated issues or analyzing the results of a shadow jury, Dan provides thoughtful insights and practical suggestions.”
Lisa Barons Pensabene, Partner at O’Melveny & Myers LLP, New York Office

“No matter how much time you have spent litigating a matter, LitStrat will help you find the new perspectives necessary to fully and successfully prepare the next case for trial.”
William S. Ohlemeyer, Partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, Armonk Office

“I have worked with Dr. Genevie and his colleagues in multiple jurisdictions over several years. Without exception, I have found their deep understanding of diverse populations and their highly-evolved analytical processes to be invaluable to my client’s and my decision-making with respect to trial theme and strategy development.”
Fredrick H. L. McClure, Managing Partner and Co-National Diversity & Inclusion Partner at DLA Piper, Tampa Office

“Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity of working with Dan Cooper on a number of jury trials. LitStrat’s research and insights added significantly to our trial preparation. Dan’s analysis of complex cases, how jurors are likely to hear evidence, testimony and arguments and how jurors use what they learn in their deliberations is consistently accurate.”
David Marriott, Partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, New York Office

“Dan Cooper does a terrific job of helping trial lawyers develop and deliver compelling messages that are simple, persuasive, and memorable. I have worked with Dan and LitStrat for over 10 years on over 25 jury exercises for a variety of clients and cases and every single exercise has been exceptionally well managed. The post exercise analysis is always insightful and beneficial. LitStrat does not just explain what the jurors decided — they are gifted at explaining how and why jurors reached their decisions.”
Gregory G. Little, Partner at White & Case, New York Office

“This is a first rate team that I have worked with extensively. In one case, I had a theory of the case that I would sure was THE winner. Lou and Dan convinced me otherwise. I dropped the particular claim. We won the entire set of remaining claims with the jury going even further than expected! Nothing speaks like success. I recommend them 100%.”
Harley Lewin, Partner at McCarter & English, LLP, New York Office

“Dan Cooper is a student of the art of storytelling and how different forms of presentation will impact the message and its persuasiveness to jurors. He is outstanding at getting trial lawyers and witnesses to communicate in the form and language that jurors communicate in to effectively and credibly present our story. Over the years, in multiple trials, Dan has assisted at trial and in jury selection, including identifying favorable and unfavorable juror profiles in various jurisdictions. I have found Dan to be of incredible value to the trial team and unreservedly recommend him to my clients.”
Charles P. Goodell Jr., Founding Partner at Goodell, Devries, Leech & Dann, LLP, Balitmore Office

“I have worked with LitStrat and Lou Genevie for years. They stand out because they really take the time to learn your case, offer valuable insights on how the case should be presented, and they have a sharp eye for identifying good (and bad) jurors.”
William Geraghty, Managing Partner at Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Miami Office

“LitStrat’s Dan Cooper is a priceless asset for any litigation, to craft strategy, and fix and refine jury presentations that win. His brilliance is unmatched.”
Richard D. Emery, Founding Partner of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP, New York Office

“LitStrat’s evaluative methods are materially different. These differences are manifest in the ways the opponent’s case is assessed, one’s own positions are sorted, honed and tested against that opponent assessment, and the techniques used to address juror bias and witness effectiveness. So much so that if a client has another, preferred provider of jury evaluation, I ask that we either work with LitStrat nevertheless, or that they agree whenever the case merits it, that I can re-evaluate with LitStrat if I do not have deep confidence in the pre-trial evaluation methods or outcomes of their client’s chosen specialist. In that instance, they see the differences for themselves.”
Thomas Dougherty, Partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher &Flom LLP & Affiliates, Boston Office

“Litigation Strategies (LitStrat) worked with Constantine Cannon at every step in the VisaCheck Antitrust Litigation, resulting in a record settlement of some $3.4 billion in cash and a historic permanent industry transforming injunction. After that experience, encompassing multiple focus groups, trial simulations and jury exercises, LitStrat has become my first and only choice for complex litigation and jury consultation. Dan Cooper and Lou Genevie are consummate professionals. They have deep insight into how judges, juries and modern litigation techniques work and interact. I always want them on my team.”
Lloyd Constantine, Counsel of Constantine Cannon LLP, New York and London Offices

“I have worked with Lou and his team for over two decades on some incredibly complex and challenging litigation. Lou is an incredible asset to have in your corner. Lou and his team are thoughtful, creative problem solvers. They are never satisfied with conventional wisdom, but instead use innovative techniques and unparalleled insight to allow you to provide your clients with the best possible representation. Lou Genevie is a proven winner.”
Walter L. Cofer, Partner at Shook, Hardy, & Bacon LLP, Kansas City Office

“I have worked with Litstrat Inc. on many occasions over the course of many years. They have helped my clients in cases involving a wide range of complicated issues and challenging venues. Their insights regarding trial strategy, theme development and jury selection always are invaluable. I strongly recommend Litstrat Inc. to any client facing tough litigation issues with a lot at stake.”
Loren H. Brown, Partner at DLA Piper, New York Office

“Over the years, my colleagues and I have found that Dan Cooper provides invaluable insights about effectively communicating very difficult and often complex issues and themes to jurors. LitStrat jury research is consistently reliable; their observations and strategic recommendations invariably enhance our preparation for trial.”
Sheila L. Birnbaum, Partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, New York Office

“Working with Litigation Strategies not only helps lawyers prepare a compelling presentation at trial, but it yields a decisive understanding of the prejudices and inclinations that might prevent some jurors from addressing the merits of a dispute. Litigation Strategies’ analytical methods yield invaluable information for voir dire.”
Lon A. Berk, Partner at Hunton & Williams, LLP, McClean Office

“Lou Genevie, Dan Cooper, and Rachel Schremp are the most focused and effective trial consultants I have ever worked with.  They ask the hard questions clearly and incisively, design and execute flawless research exercises, and deliver functional research findings that connect seamlessly with every phase of a trial presentation.  Their approach to collecting information in voir dire, analyzing juror profiles and properly exercising strikes is also accurate, straightforward, and efficient.  And they are incredibly responsive, flexible and easy to work with.  If you want to win a hard case, hire them.”
Ed Aro, Partner at Arnold & Porter, LLP, Denver Office