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Mock Trials
The mock trial is a powerful pretrial research tool that provides counsel with an empirical basis for assessing the overall theory of the case and the persuasiveness of specific issues, evidence, graphics, and arguments in advance of trial. For jury trials, the research exercise begins with our patented Mock Voir Dire designed to mirror the jury selection process at trial. The mock voir dire results in the seating of probable and struck jury panels, both of which are presented with summary statements of the case. Jurors’ reactions are measured throughout the mock trial and are used, along with information from the deliberation process, by LitStrat consultants to pinpoint the key strengths and weaknesses of the case, suggest ways to enhance our client’s case, and inoculate against the most persuasive opposing arguments. The value we add is our unparalleled ability to apply our research findings to solving the practical strategic problems that every case faces.

Judicial Reaction ResearchJudges and arbitrators, like jurors, are selective in what they perceive as the most important facts and issues in a case. Judicial Reaction Research identifies the facts and issues that are most important from a judge’s or arbitrator’s point of view and identifies the legal principles and case law that judges and arbitrators see as important in deciding the case. Armed with an understanding of the way the trial judge is likely to see the facts and issues, we work with counsel to insure that the right facts and law are addressed in a way most persuasive to the trial judge.

Focus GroupsFocus group sessions can be very useful, especially in the early stages of the development of case themes, zeroing in on relevant juror attitudes and experiences, specific issues of interest, and preparing for voir dire. The themes and strategic recommendations that result from our focus group work are woven into summary presentation of your case to be tested in a mock trial or molded into openings for trial.

Other Research ServicesLitStrat offers a complete array of research services including Community Surveys, Punitive Damage Assessment, Claims Construction Research for Patent Cases, and Shadow Juries. For more information, please contact us.