In the media


court tv“We are, in essence, a communications company. We help lawyers communicate their case effectively to juries. To that process, we bring sophisticated research tools and methods that help ensure the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.”


inside edition“Stories persuade without appearing to try. Whichever side develops the most interesting, thematically driven story usually wins, because stories are more memorable and compelling than even the best arguments.”


good day new york“We are often asked if we can predict the outcome of a case, and while we don’t have a crystal ball, we work very hard to anticipate the opposition which is the key to accurate jury research findings.”


news talk tv“Research shows that tone of voice, and other nonverbal communications have a substantial impact on jurors’ perceptions, so we pay close attention to these factors as we assist counsel in developing the best strategy for his or her case.”


in-depth report“The lawyer the jurors see as a good teacher will have a major advantage at trial. Think about the best teacher you had in high school, not law school, and think about what made that teacher effective.”


new york one“We focus a lot of our attention on credibility. Nothing else matters without it. Lawyers start out with a credibility deficit. The lawyer who is able to overcome that deficit is more likely to win the case.”